[Weekend special] 40% off Premium licenses for 30 and 90 days! Synergy bonus!



Pilots, the festive weekend begins! Four years ago, on September 4, 2014 Star Conflict was officially released. To honour this event, we are launching a special holiday event for the weekend:

  • 40% off Premium licenses for 30 and 90 days
  • +50% synergy in battles
  • x2 synergy transfer rate

And the game store now has special containers dedicated to the fourth anniversary of the release of Star Conflict. 


Ship component container

  • Contains parts of Stingray, Brokk, or Karud, as well as enriched beryllium.
  • Price in the game store: 3 million credits.

Rare ship component container

  • Contains parts Ghost, Kite-E, Archelon, or Nightingale, as well as neodium plates.
  • Price in the game store: 1 million credits.

Elite ship blueprint container

  • Gives one of the blueprints:
    • “Wolfhound cabin” blueprint
    • “Wolfhound processing chip” blueprint
    • “Wolfhound hull plate” blueprint
    • “Granite hull plate” blueprint
    • “Granite processing chip” blueprint
    • “Granite cabin” blueprint
  • And also enriched electrum.
  • Price in the game store: 20 million credits.

Attention! The containers hold components for most of the ships built from parts and the rarest resources of the fringe sectors! 


The containers will be available only for a limited time, from Friday evening on September 7 to Monday on September 10!


Due to the festive events, the UMC recommends pilots to start topping up their credit fund.


We remind you that a Premium license grants all pilots greater rewards for each battle and when the battle ends, pilots with premium licenses have two additional trophy search attempts, which means that the chances of getting new and unique equipment increase!


The license allows pilots to receive a greater reward:

  • +50% to credit gain;
  • +50% to loyalty voucher gain;
  • +50% to Synergy gain;
  • +50% to monocrystals from missions;
  • +50% to xenocrystals from contracts;
  • +2 post-battle trophy search attempts.

Boost your fleet! Let’s win together!

Yours truly,
Star Conflict Team