Weekend deals



Pilots! On this festive day, we congratulate all the girls on the spring holiday! In honor of the holiday all the explosions in the game are now ‘bouquets’. Сommand also announces the start of a festive when all the players receive the following bonuses:


+50% synergy in battle

x2 synergy transfer rate

40% discount on 7-day and 30-day Premium license


Keep in mind that only during these holidays you can earn a special achievement ‘ March 8 ’! To do this, you need to put the ‘ Heart and Roses ’ sticker on your ship and destroy 8 enemy ships in PvP battles. Getting the achievement will reward you with a sticker ‘ Loving heart ’.


We have also fixed some important bugs in the game, added important data to the description of ‘Ion Emitter’ and now you can always see the tech level of items when working with modules.


Make all the girls happy, give them gifts and flowers! Let us make the universe kinder!



Star Conflict team