Weekend and 'Cosmonautics Day' with Star Conflict!



Tomorrow’s “International Day of Human Space Flight”! And to celebrate this exciting date, we have prepared a special offer to all of our pilots: only for three days - from April 11th to 13th all of our players will be able to purchase Premium license for 180 days (Half a year!) with a 50% discount!

What can you get from having this license? It helps you to gain even better rewards in battle:

  • +50% to credit gain
  • +50% to loyalty gain
  • + 50% to synergy gain
  • +2 tries to loot search
    But that’s not all! Along with this great sale we have prepared some cool bonuses for you!
  • All pilots with regular ships will recieve 15% of Free Synergy per battle instead of usual 5%.
  • And all pilots with Premium ships will recieve 50% of Free Synergy per battle instead of usual 20%!
    Take this great opportunity to improve your ships and don’t forget to tell the news to your friends!


Star Conflict Team