Weapons of victory. ‘Tracer’ plasma gun


Type: EM weapon
Compatibility: Hawk-Eye, Specter Falcon and premium ships of the role


Vanguard never wrote off old ships, so Hawk-Eye always got the most modern weapons and modules. After the war with aliens, the Federation again turned its attention to this ship. Among the many improvements, it got new weapons — plasma cannon “Tracer”. 


This EM cannon, which weakens the enemy’s defence, performed well in operations against the Cartel and other pirates. The weakened opponents just had to be finished off, this is how fragile the target’s hull became. Unfortunately, the Federation was unable to keep information about weapons in secret and as a result, sold the blueprints to the UMC. Now these unpretentious ships, armed with the latest tech, often participate in the operations of mercenaries, forming the basis of the recon fleet


From eyewitness accounts:

When we went down to the hangar, we saw Hawk-Eye in front of us. We were shocked, sure the ship is good, but attacking the cartel… Though we were told that our task was to test new weapons, it looked like suicide. When we entered the sector, we saw the enemy fleet. Frigates and destroyers were all in a circle around the fort. We rushed to the attack and started shooting from 3 km. Rapid-fire guns threw hundreds of plasma bursts, but there was almost no damage. Right in front of the fort, we turned around and began to withdraw from the battlefield. Our covert ops ships entered the sector and continued our job. Our surprise knew no bounds. A couple of shots destroyed whole ships. Their hull felt like it was… made of glass… The shield could not save the ship, and it became weaker too. Of course, the ship is old, but now we can give them the heat again…


Author: Alexey Kocheshkov


Yours truly,
Star Conflict Team

Tracer plasma is one of my faves. When you start seeing that extra damage pour in from allies it’s just great.


Too bad it doesn’t affect large enemies like the Defiler or Destroyer or Cruiser.

Best support gun in the game. Very fit for recons.