Weapons of victory. Plasmer


Type: EM weapon.
Compatibility: Wolf-M and premium ships of the gunship role.


Due to the end of the First Invasion, Scott en Cott received a large order of Wolf-M fighters. Despite the fact that the profit would be huge, some of the directors of the corporation still wanted more. In this regard, it was decided to develop new weapons supplied with the ship. This would significantly increase its cost. Lead engineers engaged in the development, but due to the tight deadlines were unable to achieve anything special. However, new EM coils were developed, which significantly increased the power of charges. A critical hit additionally dealt more EM damage. The prototype was approved only a few hours after the completion of the work. Later, the weapon was installed on a huge shipment of hundreds of ships. The blueprints were sold to UMC for a large number of credits. However, not all buyers liked their investment


From witness accounts

It seems our valiant corporations have decided to work for the enemy. I recently met Sparta’s combat unit armed with new weapons from our fighters. Undoubtedly, Scott en Cott sold a large batch to these imperial dogs. Perhaps it is high time for the Atlantic Alliance to take control of these corporations.

Yours truly,
Star Conflict Team