Weapons of victory. Omega-B missile launcher



Along with the development order for a new destroyer, Alcor Technology Shipyards have also assumed responsibility for the development of new weapons. Following the concept of a “fortress ship”, the engineers decided to install an ADM system on “Emperor” to combat interceptors and fighters. It was based on the well-established Omega system, which was used by the ground forces of the New Empire. The main difference between the Omega-B missile system and its precursor is the complex use of two types of missiles. Low-maneuverable Wasp-M allows the pilot to capture a target within a certain radius and strike the enemy ship. Having captured the target, Omega-B launches a maneuverable Sunset-1 missile. With its excellent mobility, Sunset-1 easily strikes maneuvering interceptors and fighters. The excellent rate of fire, the combination of almost direct fire strikes and homing missiles don’t leave a chance for the enemy who decided to attack the “Emperor”.


From a report to Erik Holst


The newest destroyer who entered the ranks of our fleet after joining the New Empire also possesses new weapons. We recognized the recycled Omega in the missile launchers. Obviously, the engineers significantly reworked the ADM filling. At the same time, we received ammunition, which, although significantly different, is used almost simultaneously. We should also mention Omega-B’s fire rate. According to preliminary data, the destroyer literally fires a hailstorm of missiles that do not leave the opportunity to avoid the impact. At the moment, the question remains whether the enemy’s guard frigates will be able to destroy our missiles. In this regard, we shouldn’t reveal our leverage ahead of time.

Do we know what damage type the Missiles are going to deal (Thermal, Kinetic or EM)?

1 hour ago, Nyx2303 said:

Do we know what damage type the Missiles are going to deal (Thermal, Kinetic or EM)?

My bet would be thermal, with Heavy Gauss Cannon G-2 already being kinetic. I’m assuming that if the r17 Fed dessie gets a weapon it will be EM. And if we go by the damage types for the r14 dessies, Vigilant has thermal, and Tyrant had kinetic.

Boo. I wanted lasers.

And here i was, wanting shotguns for destroyers.