Weapons of victory. Multiphase laser


Type: Beam weapon.
Compatibility: Raptor Mk II, Osprey and premium Engineering Frigates.


After the invasion, the Federation launched a number of weapons research projects that did not require large expenditures. One of these projects was Apollo 13, whose aim was to create weapons and modules for engineers of lower ranks. The first in the project was the weapon “Multiphase laser”. This weapon was an improved copy of the WL 13-EL emitter. By special order, the Cartel stole several ships with this weapon. Fortunately, the conflict with Ellydium was settled, but who knows how much galactic standards it cost. Scientists of Hellion Inc went further and built the multiphase shield adapter’s special feature into the laser, whose task was to increase the resistance of allied shields. Moreover, the effect increased with time. So the ship Raptor Mk 2 became the owner of a cheap copy of the Waz’Got weapon, which was not inferior to the original at all. The weapon was appreciated both by the new pilots and by the veterans.


Feedback sample:

 — I had long wanted a Waz’Got emitter, but could not afford it. And suddenly there’s this replica, and it’s even better. And most importantly it’s for a cheap ship. In general, it’s a good gun, I recommend it.

— Awesome! After the battle, the whole team pressed their like buttons! Heals quickly, the range is good, and most importantly it is a laser and you do not need a lead. I will never sell this ship.

—Well… what can I say. Not bad, Hellion as always showed that they’re ahead of the galaxy. And rightly so, these ships have long lacked improvements. And now, they turn out to be really great engineers.

— Again, scientists go for death instead of peace! Hellion are thieves! Gangsters under the guise of the government! Of course, the Armada cannot be disbanded, you keep our money for its maintenance!

Author: ©kordinator (Alexey Kocheshkov)


Yours truly,
Star Conflict Team