Weapons of victory. Light coil mortar


Type: Kinetic weapon.
Compatibility: Machete S, Sword S and premium ships of the role Command Fighter 


Simultaneously with the development of Machete S, the Technologists were creating a new weapon, whose power could bring victory in any conditions. And this was the “Light Coil Mortar”. Tech squadrons easily repelled enemy attacks and went on the offensive. The increased range allowed it to open fire quicker than the enemy during defence, and the improved rate of fire made it easier to shoot. According to unconfirmed reports, the Technologists used Alien technology, thanks to which they achieved the effect of regenerating hulls of allies when firing. Nobody could confirm this fact, because when dismantling the case, some of the internal mechanisms self-destruct. Therefore, in case of damage, mercenaries have to buy new guns, because the repair is impossible. The light coil mortar became one of the first guns transferred by the Sentinels to the UMC. Surely they know all the secrets of this weapon, but they are unlikely to tell them in the near future.


From the recollections of a veteran of the Third War for Bartle’s sector:

“They assured us that the sector was poorly protected and encouraged us by the fact that there were more of us, but the Jericho were still one step ahead. We were attacked by ships of an unknown modification, but very similar to the Machete, which we had been shown at the academy. Another unpleasant surprise was a new gun. Technologists started shooting first and we needed more time to reach the target while manoeuvring. And the manoeuvres were not of much use. You were just starting the turn, and the shells were already flying ahead of the curve. I pursued one target for a minute and was ready to deliver the final blow with missiles when they suddenly hit me. Having decided to finish what I started, I stopped paying attention to the hits and started firing at the fighter, but it seemed that its hull was constantly being repaired. As we were told after the retreat, they repaired their ships by hitting us”.


Author: ©kordinator (Alexey Kocheshkov)


Yours truly,
Star Conflict Team