Weapons of victory. Homing laser


Type: Thermal weapon.
Compatibility: Fox-M, Lion Mk II and premium ships of the Tackler role


Shooting at interceptors has never been easy, and the Federation’s engineers decided to develop a weapon that significantly simplifies this problem. After several studies, it was agreed that the Fox M and Lion Mk II ships would be the platform for the new project. These ships had a massive power unit and an equally fast energy recovery. These became the main starting points in the development of the new weapon. A friend-or-foe system was built into each gun, which pointed the laser at the target. But the maintenance of this system was quite energy-intensive, and the range of weapons could not be increased. For unknown reasons, the Federation’s military leaders rejected the project. In order not to prevent a waste of money, the homing laser was delivered to the UMC for training young pilots. Not all mercenaries appreciated the loss of energy when firing, but noted that this gun fit perfectly against interceptors. The weapon is not very common right now, and in most cases, it is used by instructors to train pilots. 


According to a future ace

I’ve always had a problem with interceptors. They’re too fast. And I can’t hit them. It’s ok in a straight line, but when they start to manoeuvre, it’s game over, man! Gone. And recently I got this laser. I don’t know why everyone says it eats a lot of energy, but it’s a pleasure to shoot. The interceptors used to spin and fly away, but now they can’t dodge wherever they go. My friends and I often fly with these in a squad. The radio comms are absolute bloody horror. So we — the tacklers — are now kings of the hill. 


Author: ©kordinator (Alexey Kocheshkov)


Yours truly,
Star Conflict Team