Weapons of victory. Guided thermosphere


Type: Thermal weapon.
Compatibility: Steel Harpy, Archdragon and premium ships of the role “Long-Range Frigate”.


After the collapse, thanks to a well-thought-out policy, the New Empire bent many scientists to its side. As an example of loyalty to the new homeland, they created a weapon called the “Guided Thermosphere”. The installation generated a thermal ball directed along the beam. Curiously, due to the gravi-field generated by the laser, the thermosphere does not decay. A thermal field remains after the explosion, just like a torpedo. This weapon is mounted on the ships Steel Harpy and Archdragon. However, even before the release of such a weapon, Jericho had already used it with Priest Bartle. Most likely, the Imperials stole this project, but the scientists managed to furnish the case as a leak of information from their side. The government did not pay attention to this because of the cheapness of the project. Mercenaries also speak well of the Guided thermosphere, because now they have a whole collection of such weapons.


Cryptograms from the scientists at different stages of the project

  • We thank you for entrusting us with this case. Our new project should be the king among weapons.
  • The first tests have passed normally. The ship’s energy is enough to generate such a powerful charge and constantly feed it.
  • We are approaching the last frontier. We would like to note that we are managing ahead of schedule, without losing effectiveness.
  • Honestly! Please understand, we did not steal the technology from Jericho, we simply could not capture their ship… I must say that during the transportation of documents and prototypes we lost one transport… Apparently, they found it and quickly finished the gun.
  • O, emperor! Thank you for having mercy on us…Ahem… Development complete. The latest weapons are installed on the ships Steel Harpy and Archdragon. As expected, the effectiveness of the gun is high.

Author: ©kordinator (Alexey Kocheshkov)


Yours truly,
Star Conflict Team