Weapons of victory. Gordon's missile launcher


Type: Kinetic weapon.
Compatibility: Machete, Sword AE and premium ships of the role Tackler fighter.


Gordon’s missile launcher was created immediately after the invasion by the united Liu family. The development was conducted at the Crystal shipyard and was personally

supervised by the Family Coordinator. There wasn’t enough of the Liu and most of the ships were controlled by AI. Command chose the ship Machete, which was used by their ancestors. It is noteworthy that the development was carried out primarily by the military, therefore, based on their experience, they made it possible to direct missiles with a laser. This greatly simplified the whole process and the pilots could better control the situation, and the AI themselves were able to control the missiles. In a short time, more than two hundred copies were built, which were then installed on the ships of the family brigade. Two months later, Liu sold the project to the Mendez family, making the weapon suitable for the Sword AE ship. They, in turn, handed over the blueprints to the UMC. Rumour has it that for a hefty sum, the Liu family can upgrade Gordon’s missile launcher, increasing its performance by 20%. But so far mercenaries are attracted only by their Precursor bar.


From a conversation with Victor de Toro

  • Keeper, understand, now when Jericho left, it is important to help the army reach its pinnacle. We are offering you ready-made weapons for several ships.
  • It’s great, but such a price for some gun…
  • Should I show you a performance report? This is cheap!
  • Calm down Coordinator, we believe that these are good weapons, let’s lower the price by 10%, but you will receive a percentage of deliveries to the UMC.
  • Good. We will hand over documentation and a batch of 70 guns to Mendez IX, but we need the payment.
  • Okay, you miser, wait for your money and good luck.


Author: ©kordinator (Alexey Kocheshkov)


Yours truly,
Star Conflict Team