Weapons of victory. Focusing Laser


Type: Variable range laser.
Compatibility: Ghost, Argonaut and premium ships of the “Gunship” role


Focusing laser was received by several mercenaries as payment for a secret contract. The squad was hired by the Holy Empire. Almost immediately, the mercenaries brought new weapons to UMC for research, testing them on pirates in the meantime. The main feature of the focusing laser was the special lenses, which increased the range of laser operation during prolonged shooting. A thorough examination of the weapons revealed their affinity with Warden technology, as evidenced by the seals on some internal parts. Fortunately, the design was clear and soon the UMC established the production of this laser for all mercenaries.


From the report of UMC scientists

We conducted a detailed study of the new weapon. The laser lens system resembles an ion emitter, but it has been significantly improved. Our task is to replicate the part of the design that increases the range of fire. We also found the Warden Order stamp on some parts. The laser was probably developed in the laboratories of Mars. Soon we will be able to produce these weapons.