Weapons of victory. “EMR-3 launcher”


After a model of the “Plasmatron” weapon fell into the hands of the Outpost shipyard engineers, the board of directors decided to create a similar weapon for the Raven frigate. As they prepare to fire, the energy coils build up a charge, which is converted into a powerful electromagnetic sphere. During the development of “EMR-3 launcher”, an Ironside Empire spy infiltrated one of the laboratories and tried to steal the research data.


Despite the fact that he managed to get hold of information, the Imperial was locked in one of the compartments. In order not to fall in the enemy’s hands, he blew up the compartment, causing a chain reaction and significantly damaging the laboratory. This incident slowed down the progress of work, but the engineers still managed to complete the development on time.


From the report to the board of directors:

The destruction of the RS-3 research complex did not interfere with the work and we are ready to present you the “EMR-3 launcher”. Unfortunately, the duration of charging the weapon can be noted as its disadvantage. Our engineers have already begun work to get rid of this problem. At the moment, we recommend using the Atlant-4 and Vepr-1 factories for the mass production of the weapon in order to be in time for the release of the Raven frigate.


Currently this weapon is only available for the “Raven” ship

Yeah, I just finished the weapon earlier today, and that charge delay is a killer. It was hard to tell, but it definitely didn’t seem to scale to where the charge was equal or greater than not charging, but I really need a stationary target to get a more accurate bead on the data.