Weapons of victory. EM Dissolvers


Type: EM weapon.
Compatibility: Alligator Mk II and premium ships of the role “Engineering Frigate”.


In the continuation of the Apollo-13 project, scientists created a smaller copy of the “Eclipse” setup, called the EM Dissolver. Given the success of the multiphase laser, they continued to use the technology of a multiphase shield adapter. But now the effect worked on dealing critical damage and improved the engineer’s performance, not its allies. Despite the short-term effect, it significantly increased the efficiency of the ship. Unfortunately, it was not without drawbacks, despite the rapid repair the gun quickly overheats. Scientists have boosted cooling, but sometimes it is not enough. Unnoticeable for pilots was the replacement of old nano-drones of the type CS-5 with completely new CS-6. Considering the fact that they were last improved in 4479, this upgrade was one of the main advantages of the new project. The developers of the “Em Dissolver” received considerable amounts of credits for creating this type of weapon.


From the Sentinels report


According to our intelligence, the engineering ships of the Federation of junior ranks have been completely re-equipped and are now able to more effectively repair the strike forces of their fleet. We recommend using the Omega-3 plan to destroy frigates in the enemy’s rear before they enter the battle. Otherwise, the losses of Armada will be small. We also recommend grabbing a few guns for further study and search for means of dealing with them.


Author: ©kordinator (Alexey Kocheshkov)


Yours truly,
Star Conflict Team