Weapons of victory. Echo cannon



When the Marten Interceptor needed new weapons, Sci-Tech Universal’s scientists were quick to deliver what their bosses wanted. The echo cannon uses special projectiles that, when hit, ricochet off the target and, due to the energy received from the impact, generate a special wave that enhances the next cannon shot. However, for the effect to work, the ship must get as close as possible to the wave, the energy of which is absorbed by a special generator. It is worth noting that the project turned out to be quite cheap, and soon began to bring good profits. According to unconfirmed rumors, Sci-Tech Universal eliminated one of the “Echo cannon’s” developers for excessive demands for his labor and blackmail using classified information about the Artuga system.


From the production report


  • A prototype and a number of drawings have been received. The first and third conveyors have started production. Discovered a lack of blueprints for several parts. Conveyors are stopped
  • Production has been restored, but some of the already finished weapons are defective.
  • The shipment is ready for loading. The defect is partially missing.
  • Mass production has been established. All manufactured weapons are immediately installed on the Marten, with the exception of the first conveyor. The weapons from it are loaded onto transporters and sent to the UMC. The probability of defect is less than one percent.


Currently this weapon is only available for the “Marten” ship