Weapons of victory. ‘Draccar’ nanobot colony


Type:  Kinetic weapon
Compatibility: King Nibelung and premium ships of the Recon role


During the portal storm, Ellydium lost several transport ships with blueprints and designs based on alien technologies. One of the ships lost in space was found by Legion scouts. The Empire did not miss the chance to use the latest weapons and right before the fall of the Earth the Martian laboratories developed the Drakkar weapon. A colony of nanobots ignored the ship’s shield and immediately devoured the target’s hull. This weapon was the opposite of Eclipse, and also very much resembled one of the new weapons of Ellydium. After conducting tests at the site, the Empire delivered the blueprints to the UMC, for further research of the gun. Undoubtedly, the Federation ships with thin hulls suffered the most. We can only hope that the Empire will not use the colony of nanobots “Drakkar” in the war.


From the report of Colonel Getz Ritter:

The weapon “Nanobot colony Drakkar” passed the test, no visible defects were revealed. We recommend using this weapon first of all against the ships of the Federation and Jericho, whose hulls are weaker than ours. From this, it follows that in the conflict between the fragmented Empires, the tool will not have the desired effect. We recommend to send the blueprints to the UMC so that the mercenaries personally experience the Drakkar in battle, and we will follow them closely. They will not even suspect that they are helping us reach our new goal…

Author: Alexey Kocheshkov


Yours truly,
Star Conflict Team