Weapons of victory. ‘Dazzler’ railgun


Type: Kinetic weapon.
Compatibility: Stiletto AE, Wakizashi and premium ECM interceptors.


The “Dazzler” railgun was taken from the captured Enclave ships almost immediately after the invasion. During the study, it turned out that during the portal storm the Enclave attacked the Revenants and captured the blueprints of this prototype. Pirate scientists quickly improved the gun and installed it on Wakizashi. The special feature of this weapon mimics the missile with an ion-beam warhead missile: after a critical hit, the reloading of the enemy’s modules slows down. At the request of UMC, the Mendez family improved this weapon. After the upgrade, additional fasteners were mounted on the railgun for installation on Stiletto AE. The mercenaries not only appreciated this weapon, for some the “Dazzler” became a true nightmare.


From interrogation documents

We attacked the Revenants…Well, their base, lots of stuff there and the blueprints of this gun. So, the scientists quickly upgraded it and now we are flying with these things. Quite a cool weapon, we used it to rob the Federation convoys. You should’ve seen them… They didn’t even use the repair kit. That’s basically all I know… I’m a nobody and the commanders do not tell me what they are doing. Let me go, please, we used to work for you while the Jericho were still here. And now you’re hunting us. That’s it! I’m not telling you anything. Yes, we took the blueprints from the Revenants, upgraded them and that’s it.

Author: ©kordinator (Alexey Kocheshkov)


Yours truly,
Star Conflict Team