Weapons of victory. Bow laser


Type: Beam weapon.
Compatibility: Diamond Dwarf, Jarl and Premium ships of Recon role


After the fall of the Earth, a wing of the Diamond Dwarf fighters, equipped with a previously unknown weapon, was discovered in one of the technological caches of the Wardens. They called the weapon “Bow laser”. Surprisingly, unknown scientists were able to channel EM damage into a laser. However, the weapon also had a disadvantage. The EM laser was a course weapon and it could rotate only a few degrees. During the tests, the UMC found out that the weapon is excellent for removing the shields of fast ships. Soon every mercenary got the opportunity to use this weapon. Yet the bow laser did not bring victory in the Battle for the Earth to the Wardens.


Overheard in the bar “Supernova”

…So listen! Let me tell you a story… I once flew near the biomorph sectors to collect some nickel ore. Apart from the usual aliens, there were also pirates there. I activated the long descent and got closer to them. Suddenly, three diamond Dwarfs jumped out of nowhere. Thought they were mercenaries, but no. Warden marks! They start shooting, and from bow laser too. One of the Privateers started moving sideways and manoeuvring. The Imperial’s right behind him and the poor soul has nowhere to go. The Warden follows every manoeuvre, and the laser continues to burn the ship’s circuits. Having dealt with them and picked up some container, they disappeared from the sector. I was shocked…
— So yeah. Apparently, we will hear about the Emperor’s Guard…


Breaking news!

The mercenary Rain Kors, who told this story, as well as several witnesses, including my intermediary, who transmitted this information, disappeared without a trace after a day. Make your own conclusions.


Author: ©kordinator (Alexey Kocheshkov)


Yours truly,
Star Conflict Team

This weapon is good only for middle-range combat… for dogfight is awful! You can hit the enemy only if use Inhibitor crystal or similar slowing enemy modules.