Weapons of victory. Accelerator gun


EM Weapon.
Can be mounted on Jericho tackler “Singularity”


Any mercenary has heard about the mysterious caste of Technologists — a part of Jericho. Many even worked for them, but no one has ever seen a Technologist in the flesh. The caste was always insular, even within Jericho itself. They say they did not worship the machines but considered themselves one with them. But when most of Jericho disappeared, and with it the Technologists, their vessels remained. Now the former stations of Technologists are controlled by a network of numerous integrated AI systems that call themselves Sentinels. The objectives of the Sentinels and their true nature are still a mystery, even for the remaining Jericho.


Despite the fact that machine intelligence operates on a completely different level than the human mind, the Sentinels are able to negotiate with people. Numerous agreements have already been concluded between them and the Mendes family, as well as a number of other factions. The emissaries and diplomats of the Sentinels are autonomous AI, enclosed in the hull of a powerful combat vehicle — the fighter Singularity. Thanks to having free will, these ships sometimes sign contracts with pilots and enter their service. 


Along with the ability to become invisible, the electromagnetic weapon “Accelerator gun” became one of the main “aces” of this ship. Weapon capabilities are based on TNL technology (tracking neural links). The link accelerated every round in a fired volley. The pilots did not have time to react. The evasion system had data on the average projectile flight time and gave the pilot data based on it. The system did not know about the non-linear projectile acceleration.


Intercepted comms of an Ironside Empire’s patrol squad:

  • Foxtrot, do you copy?
  • Bravo two, loud and clear.
  • Foxtrot, you’re being tracked by a guidance system. They’re shooting.
  • Bravo two, too far, I have time for a man… (interference)
  • Foxtrot, do you copy? Come in. Foxt… (interference)

The pesentation of this virtual weapon is a bit late given its already several months in the game. I would prefer a more simple description without the theatrical presentation which required I’m sure some time to put together. Time that could have been given to improve the game and/or its promotion so that we get some “new blood”.

There is really no need to put so much efford in presenting weapons/modules or even maps, nor a storyline. Perhaps a few images with clear data/specs would do the job better.

Well it is really a good weapon. Seems slightly outclassed by the Granite main weapon in terms of actual damage, but it’s still great for knocking down interceptors when you know what you’re doing.


Also the radio lingo is atrocious. Crack a book and learn a thing or two about old Terran military lingo would ya.


Relax guys ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)