Weapon of victory. RepK-2 drone operator


Federation engineers often didn’t have enough time to reach the ships suffered serious injuries and as a result of it, the army often lost the ships where the losses could be evaded. Just for this purpose, the scientists of the Outpost dockyard filled in the ammunition RepK-2 drone operator. By using this armament, pilots could create repair kits placing them all over the battlefield. However, parts couldn’t appear from anywhere and the engineers decided that an enemy itself will become its resource. Every missile had RepK-2 drones inside, which in case of a critical hit got power charge and activated. On the hull, drones assembled repair kits from any parts which were managed to tear away from the enemy. After being assembled, a finished repair kit was pulled closer to the engineer by gravity waves.


Journal Bulletin of the Federation 


Greeting you, the Federation!

Armada declassified the blueprints of one of the latest ships a week ago. Therewith, the mercenaries got a unique weapon RepK-2 drone operator. Currently, the corporation Ellydium made a few statements on the theft of some groundwork. As it became known from Dr Matthew Gilmores comments, “The Outpost applied their technology of gravity waves, that used in one of the weapons of the Waz'Got frigates”. Later, he also made a statement that Ellydium had performed some experiments with RepK-2 drone operators and found out that in creating RepK-2 drone operators were used aliens technologies. Despite the loudness and pathos, all the charges were dismissed soon. Rumour has it that one of the members of the Outcome board of directors left the company after losing a large sum of money allegedly given to 

Ellydium. In the future, we are going to keep in touch with the situation around the frigate Hammerhead.


The weapon is currently available only for the ship Hammerhead.

It still costs 2000 Iridium…