Weapon Is deleted when I loaded one of the new weapons

On my Anaconda Engineer I selected and bought the new weapon eclipse launcher III and switched from my Coil Mortar MK4. When I went to switch back the Coil Mortar was gone all i did was switch weapons i did not sell it. It is not in my warehouse,  it was not loaded on another ship, it is completely gone. This is absolutely a bug. I am now concerned to switch out any weapons. Which greatly diminishes the game play and gaming experience.

Unmount first, then buy other weapon for no risks

I have seen a bug the last time I logged in that my weapons were not equipped… when I reported it I was told “Never happened to me.”


isnt that great customer service?

Thank you Elite. That is good advice!

Yes getting a response from support has been lacking. Its unfortunate, it seems like they really want to make the game better with all the updates and improvements but not taking care of individual members is not a great way to build loyalty.

I know receiving this kind of answers from GMs or Devs is annoying, but a report should contain this information if you want it fowarded to the Developers:


  1. Describe the bug in a few words/sentences.
  2. Why do you think this is a bug.
  3. How often does this bug occur.
  4. What was your last action/How to reproduce the bug.
  5. Detailed explanation of the bug.(Only if you need to add more information to 1.)
  6. Your system specs + Operating system as DX Diag.
  7. Videos + Screenshots (Only if needed, but in most cases they are helpful)
  8. Log files + Exceptions
    ( Please only add the Logs and Exceptions of the game session where the bug occured, not all! )
    (Logs can be found here: My Documents\My Games\StarConflict\logs)
    (Exceptions can be found here:   My Documents\My Games\StarConflict\Exceptions
    ( Upload the logs + exceptions as a .zip archive, not .rar! )
    (In case of game freezes or crashes, you should launch the game in window mode to have acess to your system)


We wont be able to help you unless we have the maximum amount of info possible, thanks and sorry for the trouble YutiVonFluri