weapon damage downgrade hacking is being detected by other player.

hi dev




I’ve been tracking this issue for the last couple days.

first of all

today at 10 am 

| Error report |
| Describe problem and what you saw | weapons damage is minimal ( is been downgrade by who? i dont know) |
| What you expected to see | change back what they do to my ship and my weapons |
| Conditions in which error reproduce | destroying fortune ship |
| Problem details | please dev, i really need you help its not fair. |
| Frequency of reproduction | frequent |
| Time of bug |

symptom or error i receive or happen to me 

  • seed chips (Not working And i have to destroy it)
  • weapon damage ( downgrade after joint Spec ops today and other mission)
  • derelict strong hold system
  • minimal damage on destroyer and enemy
  • network problem ( have been kick out ) 
  • keep stuck at certain point and freeze 


Server not found

  1. I cant log in server not found.



  1. when i was doing the mission ( Skirmish / PVP / special operation / on in the system ( map )  
  • a) I can fire my main weapon but minimal DAMAGE



need you attention. !!!


  • b) at 10.30 am today i go to derelict stronghold and i see destroyer fortune  ship but i see the truth happen( i go first to engage and the second guy coming using boremys ship and 3 or 5 second my ship freeze and i see they attack destroyer ship and the ship bar shield and hull suddenly become half and 90 percent gone, they attack just 2 or three times hint using their weapons and the destroyer pirate ship become less then 2 percent, i just kill that destroyer fortune ship. at that moment i saw my damage was very minimal and i realize what happen when my ship become freeze and become like that. my damage was change. ( downgrade).


from today at 00.00 to 12 noon I’ve test my ship very minimal damage to other ship. please help me revert what their doing to my ship. its not fair. my damage is minimal.


  • c) when i go to derelict strong hold same happen to me. some times i see destroyer sometimes not ( ive try to search the destroyer ship. and not found. what is really happen to my ship?

  • d) worst part my ship become vulnerable when attacking destroyer in (derelict strong hold )( the hull become weak / shield become weak ) i don’t know it was bug or what please help me.



Main weapons problem

3 Heavy gauss cannon G2 12

a) rate of fire problem, 

b) damage Kinetic (downgrade) its not the same in hanger

c) damage DPS kinetic (downgrade) its not the same in hanger 

d) but when do mission ( Skirmish / PVP / special operation / on in the system ( map ) all af this are downgrade? please help me.

e) enemy receive minimal damage ( Spec ops ( defiler/ Alien Destroyer/ return to Eden) and when i do skirmish mission or PVP mission enemy receive minimal damage.


Please help me dev,

any advice for dev, technical support, and friend. are very appriciate.


and also i  have suggestion 

Please consider this.


I just want to open suggestion, about ship level 17,
neither Empire, Federation Or Jericho, please open extra slot for 1 to make 10.
or if possible using credit to make extra slot for 1 time. payment.

Just wondering Ellydium ship got many slot, please consider my opinion, it will be benefit for player and dev.


thanks you.



[StarConflict.rar](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=21492&key=c3d0fbebeeaf0f9fa93953e445ff9ae2)

Here, take it