Weapon Cooling System

Why does the cooling system make you rate of fire faster?

Why does it make your overheating time shorter, makes your weapon overheat faster.

It makes your damage faster but reduces the overall damage you can do before overheat.



This is totally nonsense to me.

It’s really good for rapid weapons, but for other?


I would change it to make your weapon overheat slower as it’s name suggests it.

(which would make it useless for rapid, but usable for other types)

Think of this, it increases your ability for burst damage. For asteroid maps, that can mean life or death.

I do agree that the naming should be changed.

Look the max damage (that is for tier 3). Best is 5k with heavy. You “save” about 4 sec and loose 1.8k damage.

This module is OP for rapid (pure dps inc. without any disadvantage) and, in my opinion, useless for anything else.

for heavy:

Without it you make 4547.68 dmg in 8.6 sec (tat is a max if you use cooling)

With it you make 5038.73 dmg in 8.6 sec.

That is 10% damage inc. in 8.6 sec BUT without it you can make 1782.79 more in the next 4.3 sec.


Simply: +500 dmg in 8.6 sec, or  +1782 in another 4.3 sec. I don’t think it’s a good trade.