Weapon ammunition (ammo) disappears from the Storage!

Bug report:


I will explain my issue.


I got Phaser (EM weapon) installed on my Command. I also added ammunition - Booster Circuit (speed of projectiles increased by 20%)

I then switch to another weapon - Ion Emitter (thermal weapon). Booster Circuit was removed and stored in my Warehouse.

I then added ammunition for Ion Emitter - Flat Reflector.

I played a match. After a match, I went there to switch my current ammo with a previous one - Booster Circuit, but it was gone!

So, when I switched to Phaser (EM weapon), I had to re-buy Booster Circuit again.




Item disappeared from my Warehouse (Booster Circuit) after the weapon has been switched with another type of ammo for that weapon.

This can only happen with regular thermal and (credits only) kinetic ammunition.

After a match, it may be gone, if it was replaced by some other (credits only) ammunition.


Logs: (Check PvP T5 battles only - last 2 or 3.)

[2017.07.25 10.54.15.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=14958)