We love the impossible missions, but the miracle comes a little later.

I do not know what kind of bug is this.

Here is an account. Maximum rank 7.



And here is Sokal’s task. Destroy 10 objects in the Pirate Fort raid PvE. And this PvE is rank 11-15.


What is the trick of solving this task?  ![:001:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001.png “:001:”)

I think, log files aren’t needed. 


This only shows that developers don’t play nor know their game. It’s sad!

13 minutes ago, Koromac said:

This only shows that developers don’t play nor know their game. It’s sad!

Yeah and doing 3x xeno missions went from 20min to ~40min with newest addition to mission pool  ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”) 

55 minutes ago, Tillowaty said:

Yeah and doing 3x xeno missions went from 20min to ~40min with newest addition to mission pool  ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”) 

They want you to suffer.

I guess you can always launch nukes from North Korea?  ![:yes_yes_yes:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/yes_yes_yes.gif “:yes_yes_yes:”)

I assume if we talk about contracts and logic it´s already a wonder that no black hole starts to open or so…

Contracts… are weird cus sometime they work while others don´t work until you do some miracle (or simply just fly in Ely ships cus they seem to work all the time (ok i only have the thar´ga so that might be the reason)).


However it doesn´t changes the problems of the contracts. It would have made way more sense to “limit” the contracts to ranks instead of this crazy max rank requirement that counts for 99%(?) of the contracts in the game. I really miss the time when it was made so that every contract from every faction did run at the same time (cus i like the Jericho hangar the most) and you could use nearly every ship for completing them.


Some contracts however required a certain rank cus the mission was only available at that minimum rank (during that time it was the pirate base mission that was classified as T5 (R13-15)). When and why this system was removed did i not notice due of beeing inactive for quite a while. The onliest contract that always seem to work is the weapon one where you should kill/assist during PvP with kinetic/thermal/electric dmg.

Yes, I agree: the missions / contracts / events  are to much complicated and confusing. References in rework of this part of the game to Scandinavian design (simplicity, minimalism and functionality) would be much appreciated.


Complicated? How so? I haven’t read anything that proves them to be COMPLICATED. I do see how it is discouraging to get a mission that requires a rank you don’t have though but that is not what I would call complicated.

I for one am one for wanting as many missions as possible to keep the game from being so fukn grindy. Either that or add tons more content or both.

Sometimes the grammar of the mission/contract instructions is more than unclear, one often has to battle and get surprised what exactly happens afterwards…

The complications come from the many open contracts/missions and the overall abundancy of them across 3 legacy factions plus the new Elly-green faction plus side- and additional challenges. Not to count in the reward - requirement mechanics of variants of Spec-Ops, SCL and Tourneys on top … you see?


Besides that I have 1 daily login-bonus and 8 silent Bonuses running in background. The Devs could as well swap the many contracts/missions totally silent in the background as the Bonuses (most from payed-for %-off DLC packs). Often I just click “accept” just to silence the nerving blinking yellow exclamations mark.


Also the missions/contracts are not specific enough in regard to the 3 legacy-factions to immerse the player into the game through commitment to a specific faction , that is to complain. I still remember the nice texts about the history of the factions and the choice to choose one, made me getting into this game with interest and excitement, just to learn quickly, that the factions really do not count any more…