"We have no more ships left", but i'm flying a perfectly good ship

I can’t help but wonder… why do we always instantly lose the moment our reinforcement counter depletes itself in Skirmish battles? Wouldnt it feel much more natural to forbid respawns once the counter is gone, without forcing people flying perfectly intact ships to a brisk halt because “We have no more ships left”?

I have troubles understanding your suggestion, can you rephrase it somehow?

He speaks about team/survival battles. 

Once the reinforcement points are depleted, it’s an instant loose. 


He want to replace it by “No points, no respawn”, like in recon. 

Wouldn’t that be a 2sec game then with the 3x damage?

Why? There could be a whole team left. Not that they are going to win unless you can somehow get the enemy to 0 points and then finish off their remainder

AH my bad, he means like the scl map where u have one life per ship after the points run out? XD

that would be an interesting change imho. You can respawn as long as the counter isn’t at zero and wenn zero, only those left on the battlefield can fight until dead. right now you can think of the counter in tdm as a kills counter and not a life counter.
I would like this change to mechanics.

Yeah that could be a good thing.

Too many times I lost in a close fight in team battle with a kill count of 0-3 because an ace rushed alone for the 5th time of the game.

We’ve got no more ships left, we’ve been defeated!