Waz'Got - wrong glow effect color while firing with the weapon WL13-EL Emitter

Bug report: Waz’Got - WL13-EL Emitter (all 3 variants - R9,12,15)



What happened?

When you fire the Waz’Got weapon - WL13-EL Emitter (all 3 variants - Tier III-V), there is either red glow, when you fire on enemies, or green glow when you heal allies.


What should happen?

When you fire on a neutral object that it’s not an enemy, or your ally, the default weapon color glow of the beam should always be green.

Red color glow of the beam should only be visible on enemy objects or targets while you fire and hit them.


Screenshot:(Red glow - red beams’ color; Green glow - green beams’ color.)



Logs: (Check log entries around 18:35:30 - Empire - Guardian 17 station)

[2017.09.01 17.57.12.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15271)


I got a video, if you need to see another example. This bug still exists.