Wazgot vs Taikin grind

Just out of curiosity, which ship’s parts were harder to collect for you?
I got the Taikin from 93 boxes and I need one last part for Wazgot after 91 boxes.
The ability to craft one part is good. I would miss 5 parts now if it wasn’t there.

But the item limit is way low, when the box opening will cost iridium I think no one want to waste it, for a nice above limit letter.

What do you think about the box system?


i don’t have either  Tai’Kin or Was’Got  i farmed the Tai’Kin for the entire marathon and am missing 4 parts still to make cabin . i need 11 parts to make Was’Got … don’t want either ship but for those that do its an INSANE grind that turns into a purchase … which is the whole point … to just purchase the ship rather than play for free … … to me  the only ship worth grinding and paying for  is  the  Elly destroyer so i will farm and buy that one  ship when it comes out  because we all know  to just farm it  isn’t possible

Yes it’s an insane grind indeed ~100 hours play time for one ship which you still need to upgrade is too much.
I like the box system but it’s has it’s faults. I don’t get the one hour waiting time. I need to do like 100 missions and plus wait 20-30 mins between them.
I liked the Taikin missions more this Wazgot ai/pve fest is boring but yeah I don’t like ai at all and I do few pve sometimes.

Frind actually gave me the GS for Taikin. I’m not going to get the Woz’Got just because it uses the same system as the Taikin and I hate it with a burning passion.

i’ve got 85% of parts for waz’got from boxes and used trading for the rest (cabin and interior) the grind wasn’t that insane but when u get nearn the end it take forever and u know that trading is the only way :confused:

Yeah over 80% is getting frustrating. We should be able to salvage unneeded parts to build needed ones. Collecting over the limit letters is annoying, 


65 boxes later