Waz'Got Battle Station: missing important information

Bug report: Waz’Got Battle Station / missing important information and statistical data - Radar range



What’s wrong?

There are two things that aren’t explained.

1.)Text description of the Waz’Got battle station is not fully explained.

You should let players know that the Waz’Got battle station can detect cloaked and masked ships when in its range.


2.) Information about Radar range/radius of the Waz’Got battle station is missing. This is important to know so that you can avoid getting detected and attacked by it.



Replace the text with the one below.


Updated description:

Builds an autonomous battle station. Can be gradually improved. At each stage, you can select one of the upgrade options.

You can select an option by pressing the activation key again during the upgrade process.

Away from the owner, the station is passive and persists for 20 sec.

The owner can spend energy to repair the station.

Cloaked or masked ship inside the station’s radar range is instantly detected and fired upon when in weapons range.



“Станция вазгота стреляет по невидимым противникам в радиусе своих орудий”