Waz'Got battle station - issues with the slowing field

Bug report: Tested in Open Space mode - Station Protection - Off [Stage 3: Beta module - Default upgrade]



What happened?

When you construct the Waz’Got battle station of the Stage 3 upgrade - Slowing Field upgrade, it will be deployed.

However, there are some problems.


What should happen?

1st: If an enemy comes into the slowing field, the effect icon will not be displayed.

2nd: when inside radius of the slowing field, it will not slow down your ship

3rd: if you engage a neutral/enemy player, who sets up the Waz’Got battle station, the effect will also not trigger.

4th: The Combat station it will only activate the slowing effect, once you fire or damage the station directly


While inside the slowing field radius, an enemy player [red player - enemy], the effect should be applied immediately, slowing the ship down by 35%.

Module you need, is [R15 Mark 4 Waz’Got battle station module upgrade].



[2017.09.30 17.31.31.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15398)