Waz'Got battle station - Comat feed/log shows N/A, when station is destroyed, or kills a target!

Bug report: (Waz’Got battle station - kill/combat feed issue)



What happened?

When Waz’Got battle station kills a target, or it self-destructs, it’s listed as N/A - not available. This is a bug.

Some bot entity names are correctly named or labeled, naming you, as the player who killed, but in some cases, especially with non-human bots or real players, it shows N/A.


What should happen?

A proper entity name is required. If the station is destroyed, before a projectile reaches a target, only then it can be listed as N/A.


Current example:

Skula1975 killed N/A.

N/A killed Skula1975.


Proper example:

Skula1975 killed Waz’Got battle station.

Waz’Got battle station killed Skula1975.

Waz’Got battle station self-destructed.






[2017.09.30 16.17.57.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15400)