Waz'Got battle station - camera can't lock on the central object + cloaking/detection issue

Bug report:



When you deploy Wa’zGot battle station, you can only target camera view of the 4 turret objects instead of the central structure!

We should be able to target all 4 turrets and a structure itself - 5 different targets to choose from.


Steps to replicate this bug:

  • Undock in Open Space with the Waz’Got.

  • A friend should undock as well, with the Waz’Got.

  • Target his Battle Station - (lock will only work, if you target any of the 4 turrets, but not the central structure - a bug).



Important: Cloaked Tacklers (Fighter class) are also detected by the Waz’Got battle station, when in its range. This is a bug and needs to get fixed!



[2017.09.30 19.52.50.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15402)