It would be really easy to implement a waypoint system to OS so that we can mark a sector and have the map generate our shortest path there via gates. Just like the golden mission markers. Just make it a little crosshairs marker over gates or something idk. It would be super useful. ^^

Up for review.

Uhm… what do i still wait for? Oh yes the choose your sector you wanna jump to and pay (let´s say) 10k Credits + 15 Fuel per Gate you have to pass between the starting station and the sector you wanna reach.


As example we start at Jericho Station and need to travel to the Ruined Station:

Makes 3 Jump Gates between the Jericho Station and the Ruined Station = 30k of Credits and 45 Fuel for the whole traveling


Most of the time (and this means still every day) i only do OS for those Mono Missions that require to pass through 3-5 gates kill x enemy units/collect x “recources” just to “give up the ship” for fast backtravel… For more i don´t use the OS anyways and i would prefer to pay 5k of credits just to get over with this OS thing way quicker.


And let´s be honest i think most players just switch stations anyways if they wanna reach an certain sector to hunt/farm whatever they need from it.

Waypoints? For sure – but with autopilot in hyperspace  ![:007_3:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/007_3.png “:007_3:”)