was fun thanks for the cheese?

Had a good time for a while in this game.  I love the interceptor  but as I played more I discovered this game is more about the big ship with the heavy weapons than it is about some good dog fighting fun.  I am often killed by some guy very far away who isn’t even moving and just shooting lazers, I also have attacked those guys but my weapons simply are not good enough to take him down.  I have several times spent a good while 1 on 1 with one, disabling him, boosting my weapon damage and I hardly scratch him with my guns.


I have every weapon you guys buy on my t2 interceptor with just about every mod available but it just isn’t going to happen.  So my other option would be to get a frigate but hell… honestly… that just isn’t any fun.


So with that said, is there something you can do about this besides joining them in the frigate wars?  



There are different ways to kill frigates by using an interceptor/attack ship.


Furthermore the issue comes from the high damage that lasers deal at the moment and the balance is still under rework.

The issue come also from regeneration.


I have +200% shield regeneration on ALL my ships. And I shot down easily every ships which don’t have it.

I see the difference between a normal player and a good player. The best player flight fast and have a good regen.


Today I tried to kill another T3 Frigate with my T2 interceptor. Normally 1v1 I win.

This time, the frigate could regenerate its hull as fast as I damaged it. How is that possible ? (I used plasma with needle mod + this mod which give me +30% damage during 10 sec)

The frigate, at the begining tried to survive, then this player understood I couldnt kill him, so he just ignored me !

Perhaps I’m new in this game. I think it’s normal that I cant kill a frigate when the frigate is protected. (I can, but it’s hard and require skill).

But if I cant kill someone because his regeneration is too high, there is a nonsense. And I kill dozen of frigates every day.


I dont think lazer are overpowered. I think people should more protect frigates !

Now, sometimes, frigate are just unkillable. Not because they are protected, but because of their regeneration.


I wish frigates would be strong, but weak enough to be protected, as well as a beacon or a captain.

problem is at t3 the shield and hull support module heal about 138 at mk3…so you have about 276 regeneration total


lets add the shield modifiers which boost your regen speed…boom you’ve build your flying fortress



another problem is, many players don’t know about support modules…sometimes i’m flying and my command / support modulels are the only ones active