Was doing fine last update & now my FPS went from 120 down to 12 in battle.

I don’t know what was changed in the code for Linux this update but the game has gotten to be non testable for me. The ping times aren’t so much the issue anymore, I see some routing problems, here and there on both sides (me and on the server side) but that’s to be expected. However, the frame rate for the client side isn’t, it appears that the shaders are sub-optimally coded.


I decided to fiddle around with Mesa 3-D library and do some tweaking, I gained 15 FPS off of the 12, for a grand total of 27 FPS but it’s not stable. So, I recompiled the shaders for Mesa 3-D, I got another 10 FPS increases, to 37 but again, not stable, it would plummet on this game.


The one thing that I did notice is the my computer would do a hard freeze and not recover regardless if I used standard Mesa or a patched version. It seems to a problem with timing because whenever the computer is going to freeze in the game, the animation of the count down clock slows way down and skips a lot of frames (drops them to be more exact). It appears that there is one or more small memory leaks which cause the freezing. I would respectfully ask the developers to do a lot of their code tests on Valgrind to look for numerous problems, not just memory leaks. 


I’ve tried this on all of these kernels, doesn’t make a difference (32 & 64-bit);











There are only three games I get sh*t frame rates on for SteamOS / Linux, this is one of them. I’m currently running AMD Catalyst 15.7 drivers, (FGLRX-updates) in all of my Ubuntu and Debian boxes (computers). So, that I have a unified AMD driver base in which to work on. All of the kernels I am using are non beta / daily, they are of the stable or long-term support type.


Let me know what error logs you want me to upload to you or all of them, if you wish. I love this game, just not the poor frame rates, let alone the instability of such.


[How to create bug reports](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25328-how-to-create-bug-reports/)

[How to create bug reports](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25328-how-to-create-bug-reports/)

I’ve switched from all restricted drivers to OIBAF drivers since they have a better frame rate and aren’t as hit and miss on every platform. However, I’m still not getting the same frame rate as I used to at 1920x1080 or higher resolution. What I’ve done is deleted the error logs and starting fresh so that I know if I get any problems it will be specific to the driver I am using now.


OIBAF driver currently uses Mesa 3-D v11 from GIT and LLVM 3.6, not 3.7 (which enables OpenGL 4 and extensions). I have the OpenGL 3.3 compatibility profile up and running which is perfectly fine for this game. Please do close this thread and I will create another one once I have crashes and logs to send to you to go over. 


Side Note:


This game works fine on Ubuntu 15.10 (beta 1 and 2) & looks like it will do great when the full version is available in a little while. The reason why I work with these beta distributions, I identify bugs in the system and fix them. Then send it up-steam to Ubuntu or Debian, sometimes kernel.org.


I’ve identified two causes for frame rate plummeting as it has to do with systemd and I’ve not figured out a fix for them yet, although it only affects the restricted drivers not the open source ones, hence, using the optimized OIBAF drivers available from the PPA on Ubuntu’s launchpad.