Warp-gate do not always work, ignoring the ship that enters it (Open Space, PvP, PvE)

Bug report:


What happened?

Sometimes the ship will just go through the warp-gate (gateway) instead of warping at high speed.


What should happen?

All ships should be always able to warp, when they enter an active warp-gate.


Affected game modes: PvP, PvE, Open Space


Conditions to replicate:

  • best option is to select Iridium Strand map or find 3-4 people, who can go Pirate Base Raid map, but in PvE

  • try to enter the warp-gate multiple times. Sometimes they won’t work as intended, ignoring the ship or object



2017.01.09 21.55.51.zip


Video: (issue spotted at 1:18, 3:48 and 5:16)




Well i guess you know that. But just in case. You have to aim, get your ship toward the middle of the portal, where you see the vortex at the center. Otherwise you just go through like it was nothing. Always have been like that. But you may talk about something else.

Please, post full bugreport at once

14 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

Please, post full bugreport at once

Already done. If not a bug, portal travel should be expanded, so that you can warp anywhere, by just touching a blue ring.

Not a bug. The corridor of entering in a gate quite tight. It was made for jump safety.

Sometimes it cancel midst-jumping. WAI/Feature or bug?

Happened to me many times no matter where I go… Its like a bad ping has something to do with this.

36 minutes ago, Lord_Xenon said:

Sometimes it cancel midst-jumping. WAI/Feature or bug?

You can cancel some jumps by using shift or move keys (a feature) - make sure you didnt press anything during jump