Warning: Highly possible bug, when adding Iridium to Corporate Storage (not added - rare)

RARE, but highly possible BUG!


I encountered it a few times, like 3-5 times now total, since patch version 1.1.0.

I wasn’t really sure, until today, when I lost my last transaction.

However, I do not have all the proof, only approximate time when this has happened and game logs and approximate amount of Corporate Iridium.


I will submit them, if it’s necessary, but so far it was nothing major, since only small amounts were lost. I want to submit very clear and total evidence.

Problem is that this bug is rare/very rare, but it does exist.

However, I am not sure about other people.


I am urging people, that they should make screenshots (before and after), because you will always get correctly subtracted amount of Iridium from your personal account.

The only problem is that sometimes the amount you subtracted from your own personal account , do not get registered within the Corporate account system.

My suspicions are justified. This bug is very occasional or rare, but it happens and it exists!

Relog may, or may not help. I can’t confirm that. When I tried, it didn’t work for me.


You have been warned!


If the same thing happens to you, please put your screenshots, logs in this thread.

I will do so, if I get it again.



Thank you.

I have not noticed this before, but I will keep an eye out in future.

Please create only full bug reports in the bug report section.

Please create only full bug reports in the bug report section.