Warehouse storage space limit

The limit on storage you can have is set at 900 spaces.

I tested it, you can test it, too.

If you got the credits to spend, keep in mind that the space gets more expensive as you buy.


The ships start take up space, eh?


The question is, is there a tiny-tiny chance, that after playing a game for a while, I wont be able to buy new ships as I’ll reach the limit?


Oh, and not only we can’t sell ships, we can’t “get rid” of them either!




i guess thats will happen 

You cannot get all ships and fit them with the storage limit currently imposed.




I dont really see it being much of a problem though unless you really want to have all ships fitted at all times.

There’s a lot of ships I have that I never use because they were just prerequisites to the ships I actually want to use.



I’m fairly new to the game, and I don’t have many ships… I’ve got about 12 in total, and maybe only 5 outfitted properly.


I did juggle the modules between ships, so the ships I don’t use, are “empty” hulls.


Yesterday, for the first time ever I had a message about not being able to buy a module or a ship, as there was no space.

That’s when I found out we could buy more space.



New ships come pre-fitted with stuff - so they take up more space.


But, I still take up about 100 storage spaces. That means, that by the time I’ll reach T2 in all factions, not only the one I’m leveling, I’ll have ~300 spaces taken up.

Also, I level only fighters and frigs…

This seems to translate in to taking up 300 spaces by the time I’ll get all factions even before hitting T3…

So if I level Rank 6 in all factions I’ll take up about 300 storage spaces with only a fighter and frig per each nation (Jericho+Empire+Federation).

So, seems that I’ll completely run out of space by Tier 6 or even earlier, as T4 and T5 ships have a lot more module spaces per each ship…

I.E., by the time I’ll hit Rank 12/T5 with all nations (Jericho+Empire+Federation) I’ll probably run out of space (will need more than 900 spaces).


Imo you are mixing tiers with level at the last line.

The thing you can do is to just sell all the white stuff you are not using.

@ Sunder


Maybe I should clarify:

I do want to fly T1 ships sometimes. So I keep 3 T1 (Rank 2-3) ships outfitted.

“White” equipment is sold, unless it might come handy for swapping (PvP vs PvE setups).


I’ve leveled so far only 2 T2 ships (Rank 6) and will keep on leveling. Every “prequisite” ship is a bare hull now, striped of modules.

Again unneeded stuff is sold, unless it is used in PvP or PvE.



I edited the post above for a bit more clarity as well.