Wall of Fame

One month has passed since we gave you some candy,

but most people love candy and cannot get enough of it.

In short: we got some more for you!


When we introduced the Achievements, a lot of players started collecting them,

but a few asked: Didn’t you forget to add something which should be equal to Achievements?




We think every single one of you has noticed the medals you get in battle for completing different tasks, or haven’t you yet?

If not, we strongly recommend you to blow up some enemy ships.


  • Can you destroy 8 ships in an interval of 15 seconds?

  • Can you be the last man standing in battle?

  • Can pilot your ship with no more than 15% hull left?


These are a few of the most difficult medals you can earn in battle, some of you may have already achieved them.

Soon you will be able to view all medals, the achieved medals and the missing medals.

Will you be able to be one of the first players to collect all medals? This won’t be an easy task.


Last but not least, we think this one will be one of the most pleasant for you:

_ How many kills can you get in 15 seconds? _

uhh sounds intressting, i hope thay will be in there or will the medals that weve got before wiped ?

i see a problem with the multikill thing: the people will start spawn camping since there is no such large concentration of enemy ships than the enemy’s spawn…


it may also result in people only using pure damage builds which will have an bad impact of the team play aspects

I have most the medals, one of the ones that’s really gonna be tough is multikill, the only way to swing that top medal is going to be a REALLY WELL placed nuke. The hull % one shouldn’t be hard in a Jericho frigate since it’s mostly shields, I was getting it but I got an EMP bomb and was blown up for holding it while not moving…oops!