Vulnerability Scanner rework proposal (Vigilant CPU)

As we all know current state of Vulnerability Scanner make it totally useless because of short range of effect.

Here i have 2 proposals how it could work to increase its effectivity.


All enemy ships in range of 3000m loses 50 resistance points. Above that range resistance loss is -10pts for every 600m range. (3000m = -50 pts /  3600m = -40pts   4200m = -30pts   4800m =  -20)


  1. Second proposal is kinda interesting i think because its about making Vulnerability Scanner to work as Spatial Scanner:

On Activation all enemy ships in range of 6000m loses 60 pts of resistances.  Duration : 5-7s    Cd ~ 30s


Those are just example values. I care about your opinion for those ideas that could make Vulnerability Scanner worth one’s while.

Thanks for attention!

On the one hand it doesn’t help you to destroy the Zeta at 7km, but it does help vs ships that come to attack you.