What happened to the skirmish battles? yes, the bots.

Lots of matches you get killed in a VERY strange way:


  1. watch total damage taken (TDT);

  2. compare that to shield+hull+resists+modules that increase resists (total hitpoints - THP);

  3. notice the non-sense: TDT (that killed the ship) is about 80-90% (!!!) from THP. Yes, total HP are lower (!?) than the damage that killed you.


What kind of nerfing is that?

Reminder: there are modules which increase resists, for gunship, tacklers, command and so on. And they were active, obviously! But it seems they were inexistent…


A few examples: THP: about 20.000; TDT: about 12.000 !! 

THP: 15.000, TDT: about 14.000;

THP: 15.000, TDT: about 12.500.


And so on… ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”)





Supposedly there are some changes for many things including bots so reserve your feedback until then, soon™.