'Voice Control' feature! (Happy April Fools' Day!)


Pilots! As you know, yesterday we have stopped the game servers in order to install a small update! What was in it? Star Gem Games is happy to announce that in continuation of our work over ‘Voice Chat’ feature we have finished our work on additional feature called ‘Voice Control’! This feature was activated yesterday during the update, and you just need to get into the game with any recording device plugged in and try it out yourself!

Here’s a short list of commands:

Bots, beacon A/B/C - bots start moving towards one of the designated beacons.
Bots, protect - one bot in the vicinity starts protecting your ship
Eyes on target - your target lightens up
Eyes on me - your ship lightens up
Missiles - your ship fires installed missiles
Afterburner - your ship’s thrusters start/stop working.
Eject - you are leaving the ship

You may familiarize yourself with a full list of commands in our game, in menu ‘Voice Control’!

Don’t forget to use these unique commands:
**- Bots, transform!

  • Au revoir!
  • Do the barrell roll!**

You can try out the ‘Voice Control’ feature right now!

Star Conflict Team

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