Visual bug with Ricasso

Paints are broken on Ricasso. Weird things happens. 

What happens when you use Alien Scheme (but all textures are broken, not only this one) :





It do this all the time in all game modes (and hangar), even when you relaunch the game.

Device : Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 -> Intel i5 4258U 

But it looks cool, so don’t fix it

NOOOO don’t tell them this! They’ll fix my favourite skin bug ever!

There should be an option to have “flat” skins that act like they do in this bug. I’d put Halloween pain on every ship I own if I could do that.

Halloween paint looks amazing with this bug!

Yes this no texture bug lets the cool pearlescent paint cover the whole ship! Make it a feature :slight_smile:


Ughhhhhhh. Cmon guys. This was one bug that could have stayed. It was so nice!