Visible module setup while on FFA


There is this little inconvenience with ships on Forward Fleet Assignments that keeps coming up so I decided to ‘pen’ it here.

Players talk and ask about ships, builds and stuff all the time so I often try to look at my ships’ info and modules as well. And here is the problem. I can’t look at the modules while a ship is on mission. The info pops up fine but that is it.

It would be nice and useful to see module setups too without calling any ship back from a FFA. I know it wouldn’t be a huge loss canceling a mission but after a few days I just can’t.

A much slower workaround for trying to see your setup on a ship on a FF mission would to be to just go warehouse and search for the gear of the ship you’re looking for, would say more but I can’t reference the actual game right now as I’m not on my PC.

The idea is not bad but slow indeed. At least an option available. I thought of something like being able to mount these ships into any of the free slots and look at the equipment. Of course they would be blocked like ships in battle or something like that.