visible anchored dreadnought in occupied sectors

I got a simple short or long term solution, which requires very little work and it can be implemented pretty fast.



I got a following dilemma.

If dreadnought is shown in one of the sectors on the Invasion map and it says that dreadnought is anchored there, you do not see any, if you go to visit such location.


I got a solution.


Copy & paste Empire, Federation or Jericho dreadnought 2D model and put the selected model of a dreadnought in one in those occupied areas hold by a Corporation in Invasion.

Even if they are just visuals with no other impact on the gameplay, it would create a different and more unique atmosphere.

You should also add sound for distinct weapon’s fire from dreadnoughts main weapons.





Invasion map: (Empire dreadnought)



Shipyard notification location:



Actual 2D Empire dreadnought (for visual reference only)



I also wish to mention that the shapes of dreadnoughts on the Invasion map should vary based on the model of the dreadnought.

We only got the red/green icon for the Empire dreadnought now. It would be nice, if we could get Federation dreadnought icon and Jericho dreadnought icon as well.


So to summarise: (3 requests)


Improve 2D picture of each dreadnought (model details, texture details, etc.)

Add immersive and distinct sound effects, so that we can hear and not just see dreadnoughts firing with their main weapons.

Add proper icons on the Invasion map: green/red (Empire, Federation, Jericho) icon or emblem for better immersion and display.


Note: If you hold more than one sector, there is no problem. It’s just for the visuals, so that you know, where your dreadnought is anchored.

         This is probably just a temporary solution, until you can come up with a better one.




Sincerely,  Koromac

Yes, I was expecting something like this before patch came out. It seemed so obvious to have dreads in the captured sectors.

+1 This is right, but the timezone battle must change every 10 hours or so like old SQ

I would Add:


Being able to dock in the dreadnought at the sector it is located at and being able to dock in our own shipyard station.

+1 for the idea and

+1 for the timezone changes…

+1 for the idea and

+1 for the timezone changes…

Thank you.

I am not sure about timezone changes.

I never mentioned them here.

well, yeah, would be nice to see its presence

well, yeah, would be nice to see its presence

Forwarded to the developers?

forwarded :slight_smile:

This suggestion won’t be implemented.