[Video] Wolfpack detonation game

Hi folks!


I’m just testing my new recording software and I have uploaded a wolfpack game to youtube.


The video has been recorded at 30 FPS and 50 MBps which I think is maybe too much. Next one will be at 24 MBps.


Max res is 1080 p



Any comments will be welcomed  :fed012:


how big was that file?.. 50 mbps means 50 mb per second. thats quite much for that low fps. even in 1080 p 


also see how much damage the little gunship takes. its supposed to be a gunship. not a mothership.

Nice Video. 

The Farm-Pack.  :taunt:

The video file is about 4 gb. It is too big, but it is my first one so I don’t care.


Anyway, I have a decent cable connection, so I uploaded the video in half an hour.


I’m talking with some spanish casters that I know, and they are giving me advices so my next video will have almost the same quality, with much more less weight.

PS: Purple resists, resists implant and diamond coating make my resistances 115/115/155 which is quite nice. Also, wolfpack engi and repair kit for uber survivability.

not bad. 4000 mb uploaded in 30 min.