[Video] SecCon from my PoV

Its just a short video, in which ESB is roflstomping underpowered Opponents. 


Thats no cheating or hacking at all (the chat is full of those accusations atm.) 


Just dont take T3 ships there, and squad up. 


For everyone else: Enjoy the slaughter and feel free to comment!




As usual: The ship in the Video:



Good music selection  :lol:

cheater !!!

Heh, had 3 SQ games like that today. Then a game vs SYN that was golden - equal teams, pure enjoyment! Ty for the game SYN!

Yeah, cool video. Also, I love The Prodigy, their music is really amazing :smiley:

That’s one hell of a weird build :)))

Nice video, keep them coming :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s one hell of a weird build :)))


Yea, but working. Its for those who cant decide between gunship and command  ;)wt

I’ve gotta confess, I’m watching this mainly to see how the bubble gun is used. 


And I’ll never touch SQ even with a 10-parsec pole until I reach T5.

I just want to say that after watching, I don’t feel bad about my aim.  I know mine sucks, and you’ve said yours sucks too, but it’s good to see you not downplaying yourself.


Just to reinforce the idea that aim isn’t everything, my DSR at this moment checking in game is 1360, not bad for a pug with bad aim and who royally sucks at kill shots.

Good music selection  :lol:


Already no longer watchable in Germany due to the GEMA-Mafia :sad:  (there are work-arounds tho) 

That’s one hell of a weird build :)))

I like it. I would make some slight changes, but it also makes me want getting an Aura now too. It’s a mini-gunship, that can just tank and kill instead of running away at the first sight of trouble. And is still designed to be able to run away, just in case.

Seems very similar to my Katana S.