Victory Day!


Star Conflict team congratulates pilots on the Victory Day in Europe! In honor of Victory Day, we announce a grand sale, which will last till 06-00 UTC of May 10th!


  • Premium ships 1-3 ranks - 500 galactic standards.
  • Premium ships 4-6 ranks - 900 galactic standards.
  • Special price on all of the premium ships 7-15 ranks - 1945 galactic standards.

*Excluding those ships, that are available to be crafted.



In honour of the holiday we have prepared a gift — a special colouring scheme ‘Victory’, a unique sticker ‘St.George Ribbon’ and sticker Red Star, available to all players until May 10. To get your gift you need to open the ‘Bundles’ tab and choose ‘Victory Day’.

Have some great battles!


Star Conflict Team