Very useful synergy bug

It was a day like any other day. I was flying around, being shot and shooting back at people, trying to earn some credits and synergy. Until that cursed battle… To put it short - i’ve got almost 450 000 000 of free synergy, and i’m almost certain, i’m not that badass of a pilot to get a reward SO high.

I have no idea, what was the mechanism behind those digits, and i don’t know, what i’ve done to find myself under synergy rain.
Also, i’ve upgraded some of my ships to check, if this is merely a client problem, and my actual synergy numbers are unaffected… Still rich.
Closed game client and launched it again. A-a-and still the richest pilot in the whole damned universe. Synergy, i mean.


So, i’ve attached a screenshot and logs, though, i’m not sure, if this file is right (it is the latest of them all). 


P.S. Man, the temptation to upgrade everything i can, before i loose my very accidental and very late Christmas gift… But money shortage is still a problem. Should i wait for another bug?


[2016.02.18](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=10594)

It’s known issue. We find resolve now.

I have the same bug


I have now 139398096 of free synergy after one PVP battle

I also just got this bug. I have 112 million free synergy. What should I do until it’s fixed?