VERSUS!! (Part 1)

For this Versus series, I will be matching two arsenals against each other. The series will be based on the idea of powerful factions from Star Conflict fighting against forces from other games, just for a comparison - and to have an estimation of technology. I’ll start off with the most exciting ones, every now and then I will do a Versus where I will put two strange matches and see how people feel about it.


I will also add in my own version of events, but you may feel free to compose your own.


So, without any further ado, let’s start off.



FACTION 1:  Jericho (Star Conflict)






  • Advanced Shielding Techniques
  • Kinetic Weaponry
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Cloaking Systems
  • Remote Ship Control



  • Mendes “Nemesis” Class Battleship
  • Mendes Type-C “Tyrant” Class Suppressor
  • Mendes Prototype-S “Saw One” Class Fighter
  • Mendes Prototype-R “Ronin” Class Frigate
  • Mendes Prototype-AE “Caltrop” Class Interceptor



FACTION 2:  The Borg (Star Trek)






  • Frequency Adaptive Shielding
  • Phaser Weaponry
  • Photon Torpedoes
  • Nanoprobe Assimilation
  • The Hivemind



  • Borg Cube
  • Borg Tactical Vessel
  • Borg Sphere





Shortly after the end of the war between the factions sometime in 4617, a group of Jericho colonists stumble upon an unexplained anomaly of technology remaining from humanity’s 30th century - an anomaly left behind from the species known as the Borg. The Jericho colonists quickly begin to analyse the material to become obsessed with the phenomena - shortly after, their circuitry disconnects from the Mendes family base and becomes alien. The colonists return to their ship to begin modifications and learn from Species 5618, learning about the concepts of their shielding techniques and powerful armoury.


A shipment of refugees from Jericho outposts land on the newly converted planet and begin noticing strange artifacts among their family elders in their programming, shortly realising - although may it be too late after 4 years of these events taking place - that their program has become corrupted. The remaining resistance that is formed becomes aware of the differences these new “drones” resemble indifferent to the Cyber threat of Sector 1337. This is not a biomorph invasion, but it may as well be as dangerous - the resistance realises they must do everything to contain the threat and leave the planet, refuging from their benefactors. The Mendes family deploys a Nemesis class dreadnought to bombard the planet and begin hyperdrilling through the surface in an attempt to precipitate seismic activity on the planet’s surface - though attempts are successful, multiple borg cubes emerge from the explosion all having adapted to the technology used to create the seismic waves on the planet.


The first major battle between Jericho and the Borg is started in the Bartle sector. The Borg assimilate thousands of Jericho pilots, adding to their collective to gain intelligence from their adversaries. Jericho retreats back to the Reverence sector in FX-46, where they begin to create a barricade against the Borg fleet. A second barrier is created in Procssima through the Iridium Strand and at the Lava Spines segment to intercept the drone armada should the Reverence sector defenses fail.


At the Reverence sector, the Borg plough through the forces of Jericho and other mercenaries additional to their cause. They begin to proceed back towards Procssima in a third stand, attempting to stop the now wounded Borg forces. The Borg then outmatch the second resistance at Procssima and begin heading towards Pallas, with thousands more added to their cause from the bloodshed. Meanwhile, behind the Borg invasion are a small number of Jericho loyals in pursuit of the invading force, mustering a plan to stop the Borg.


The final battle is fought at Mendes IX, where mercenaries and Jericho military forces stand against the Borg in an all-out battle to the death. Millions are assimilated, yet many are killed on the Borg’s side - the more the Borg assimilate, the more casualties occur - this continues for several weeks in a consistent struggle between the Borg and Jericho. The reinforcements arrive after 4 months to find that Mendes IX has become a Unicomplex for operations within the Borg collective - hiding under a spectre field for several days, the survivors prepare to introduce a technovirus into the Borg collective to stop them.


After the few days are up, the forces begin their assault. All but one survivor are killed. A single Jericho captain boards the station and attempts to install the virus.


Does he succeed?



Let the discussion commence!